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Are stained or discolored teeth preventing you from smiling confidently? If you’d like to add some luminance to your smile, consider a teeth whitening treatment with the talented team of dentists at Smiles Family Dental. From their offices conveniently located in Arlington, Irving, and Flower Mound, Texas, Smiles Family Dental offers professional-grade teeth whitening services that will leave your smile brighter than ever. Book an appointment today by calling the office or using the convenient online booking tool.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why aren’t my teeth white?

There are a number of different reasons why your teeth might not be as white as you’d like them. Some of the common causes of dull or discolored teeth are:

  • Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products
  • Prolonged consumption of darkly pigmented foods or drinks like tea, coffee, or red wine
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Taking certain medications like antihistamines or high blood pressure medication

Your teeth also tend to lose their luster with age, as the enamel on the outside thins and becomes more transparent, while the dentin on the inside naturally yellows. Genetics can also play a role in teeth color, as some people are biologically predisposed to have more porous or transparent enamel, which makes staining more pronounced.

What different teeth whitening options are there?

The dedicated dental experts at Smiles Family Dental offer a few different methods for brightening up your smile, including:

Chairside whitening

During a chairside whitening, your dentist fits your mouth with a retractor, which clearly exposes the teeth that are seen when you smile (your “esthetic zone”). A liquid rubber dam or a hardening resin is painted onto your gum tissue to protect your teeth from the bleaching gel, which is painted on to your teeth and left for 15-30 minutes. Chairside whitening can whiten your teeth by as many as 2-3 shades in a single treatment.

Zoom!® whitening

Zoom! whitening is a type of chairside whitening procedure where a special light is applied to your teeth to help the whitening gel penetrate the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. The whole process takes less than an hour and can brighten your teeth by as many as eight shades in a single visit.

Take-home whitening

With a take-home method, your dentist custom-designs whitening trays that fit perfectly in your mouth and contour around every nook and cranny of your teeth. You fill the trays with a bleaching solution and then wear them for up to an hour a day. Over the course of a couple of weeks, your teeth will be the shade you’ve always wanted!

Custom-designed whitening trays from your dentist are significantly more effective than over-the-counter whitening trays or strips, whose bleaching solutions often leak out and irritate your gums due to the fact that the tray or strip wasn’t designed to fit your particular smile.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening procedures are a safe, effective, and very common way to enhance the appearance of your smile. At most, you might feel a little bit of sensitivity in your teeth during or after the treatments. If this sensitivity is bothering you, let your dentist know. They can recommend a number of methods to reduce your sensitivity, such as sensitive toothpaste or chewing gum.

If you’d like to begin your journey to a brighter, more confident smile full of pearly whites, make an appointment with the team at Smiles Family Dental. You can call the office or use the simple online scheduling tool.