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For many people, even thinking about a trip to the dentist can provoke unmanageable anxiety. The compassionate team of gentle dentists at Smiles Family Dental understand this and offer oral sedation as a way to make you feel comfortable in the chair while they keep your mouth healthy. With three offices conveniently located in Arlington, Irving, and Flower Mound, Texas, and the best oral sedation techniques available today, your trip to Smiles Family Dental is sure to be convenient and comfortable. Schedule an appointment today by calling the office or booking online.

Oral Sedation Q & A

How is oral sedation used in dentistry?

Oral sedation is a dental technique that many people use to manage their anxiety while maintaining their oral health during a dental appointment. You swallow a small sedative pill shortly before you come to the Smiles Family Dental offices so that you arrive stress-free and enabled to stay calm and comfortable during your appointment.

Oral sedation typically uses a light dose of triazolam, which keeps free you of anxiety, but doesn’t put you to sleep. This allows you to maintain relaxation while still being in full control of your body, so you’ll be able to talk to the dentist and answer any necessary questions. There is a slight amnesic effect, so you won’t remember much of your procedure.

What are the benefits of oral sedation?

The use of an oral sedative during a dental procedure provides a number of benefits, such as allowing you to:

  • Feel better and more comfortable before and during your appointments
  • Spend less time in the dentist’s chair
  • Accomplish more during your visits
  • Receive better care that’s more comprehensive and effective

Oral sedation can keep you more calm and relaxed in nearly any of the dental procedures offered at Smiles Family Dental, from simple checkups and cleanings to more complicated root canals and laser dentistry procedures.

Should I consider oral sedation?

Oral sedation can significantly maximize the effectiveness of trips to the dentist for people who:

  • Are afraid of the dental drill
  • Have had a bad past experience with a dentist
  • Fear the needles or shots used in local anesthetics
  • Need extensive dental work

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment due to the anxiety of an office visit, oral sedation can greatly help you get the care you need while avoiding the stress that’s been keeping you away.

Many dental insurance plans even cover the use of oral sedation!

Is oral sedation safe?

Oral sedation is very safe for patients who are otherwise healthy, and will allow you to have a much better and more effective experience during your trip to Smiles Family Dental.

Because it causes drowsiness and must be taken before arriving at the office, you should make sure to have a friend or family member drive you to your appointment. The time it takes for the sedative to wear off varies from person to person, and you might feel a bit woozy afterward, so plan to stay off your feet for the rest of the day after your procedure.

To learn more about how oral sedation can help you overcome your dental anxiety and improve your smile, call or schedule an appointment online today with the team at Smiles Family Dental!